No Anchor

My name is Rachel. This started as a blog for my overseas adventures, but has developed into a journal for extraordinary daily happenings.

I woke up last night at 2AM to Billy stoking my head and staring at me. I asked him why he was being creepy, and he told me he thought I was the cat. 

I wanted to believe him, but I couldn’t sleep for hours. I kept thinking about the interviews I would give after finding out he was a serial killer.

'Yeah, he was just lying there staring at me in the dark, stroking my head. And that was when I first knew.'

Luckily, we discussed it this morning and had a good laugh when I described my experience. I guess I can take the knife out from under my pillow now. 

Meet my cat, Garbage. This is a picture of him ‘chillin’ on the couch.

Blue Acorn Interview Process

'Lina' - Les Sins

"Just listened to my good friend/favorite wine-o, Rachel Lehman, singing on SiriusXMU……I finally have a celebrity friend!" - My buddy Kevin’s post on Facebook


Chaz Bundick made me famous! <3

This song just played on Sirius Radio!!! It wouldn't be that surprising, because my friend Chaz wrote it, but it's me singing!!!!

I walked into the Charleston Beer Exchange last night, and told my friends that I wanted to find the first beer that I drank in Belgium that’s name reminded me of a duck, and I couldn’t remember why. 

Turns out they had it.

'Kwak'.  :)

As I was leaving my apartment this morning, I wrote my sister a text that says, ‘I left an egg somewhere in the house, and I can’t find it.’

I wish I would have been on the receiving end of that one.

He’s making an honest woman out of me…

For those of you that don’t know, I broke up with Billy, my boyfriend of over four years, last week. It was a tough decision, but for lack of time, let’s just say, I was tired of feeling like I was the only one invested in the relationship. I believe I said something along the lines of, ‘I always do stupid things for you out of love like, move to Arkansas, but you never do stupid things for me. I don’t remember a time when you weren’t rational, level-headed, and putting your career first. I want to be put first with the person I am with, and if you can’t do that, then I think it’s time you let me go so that I can find someone who will.’ 

Looking back, those were pretty tough words coming from a girl who shortly after hanging up started hyperventilating on her bedroom floor (not my proudest moment).

Now, Billy didn’t seem to know how to handle all of this. So much so, that he called me later to discuss it again (luckily, I was breathing normally by that time) just to confirm everything I had said.

After I got off the phone the second time, I went about my business, kept busy, and tried my hardest to fight the urge to sit alone in my bedroom with Adele and tissues.

After Billy got off the phone, however, he sat in his office with the door closed, and cried. hard.

I’m not going to share too many details of his sad story because I don’t think he would appreciate everyone knowing, but there may have been a rough moment in the car when Gotye came on the radio…

Anyhoo, the next day, he had more work and more crying, but had to go to a dinner party that night where he tried to put on a strong face in front of, not only, a bunch of happy couples, but people who wanted to know what was going on with us. After refusing to answer any questions during dinner, he stayed behind after everyone filtered out so that he and his best bud Brian could have some beers and talk it out. 

Now, Brian was hammered. I’m not sure what kind of beer he was drinking that night, but it had all kinds of wisdom in it, and he was happy to share. Brian told Billy that he was an idiot. He said, ‘She is your lobster (apparently, a Friends reference). You two were made for each other, and you would be fooling yourself if you ever thought you’d find better. You need to get off your ass, buy her a ring, and fly out there tomorrow. If you wait until next week, she’ll be gone. She’s too cute.’  (smart man)

At that moment, Billy said he stopped crying, because he knew Brian was right and everything just felt right. So what did he do?  He stayed up until 2am searching for a plane ticket. Then, he woke up at 8am and bought an engagement ring, went to the airport, called both of my parents on the way and asked for permission, and worked out a plan…….

Now, while all of this is going on, I am still working real hard to keep busy, and I had just finished touring the Rutledge Mansion with some of my new friends when my dad called and asked me if I could meet him at the Gin Joint later because he was coming in town and wanted to talk to me about what happened with Billy. I cancelled a few things, and threw a nice dress on (thank the Lord), and headed that way, but when I walked in the door, my dad wasn’t there; Billy was……. You can imagine my surprise.

I said, ‘What are you doing here?’ with a look of absolute shock on my face. (Billy has since described it as me looking like I had seen the Ghost of Boyfriends Past)

He said, ‘I’m fighting for you.’  (nice one)

So, we sit down, and I, unsuccessfully, try to wipe the look of shock and confusion off of my face (I didn’t think I’d be seeing this boy again!!), and we get to talking. 

I said a lot of really funny things like, ‘Soooo, where are you staying tonight?’ and ‘You want to move here?… Where will you live?’  which I’m sure made him more than a little uneasy, but I had not planned on having this conversation.

Once I got past the, ‘if you want to be together, a lot has to change’ part, I decided I wanted to leave, and go sit in my quiet apartment to finish talking (my head was spinning). So, we head out to go back to the car, and don’t even get a block away before Billy pulls me back and starts rummaging around for something. 

At this point, I am thinking, ‘Surely, he is not doing what I think he is doing….’ But, lo and behold, he produces a box and gets down on one knee.

Just as he does that, I throw my hands on my head and start saying, ‘OH MY GOD!’ over and over again, which alarms a passing tourist family, who then all in unison start with the, ‘AWWW! I wish I had my camera!’

Billy looks up at me helplessly as he opens the box and says, ‘Will you marry me?’ and my response was, ‘Are you sure?!!’ naturally….

After he said ‘I’m sure’, the tourist family is going nuts yelling, ‘SAY YES! SAY YES!’ and that’s when I finally said, ‘Yes!’ and allowed him to get up off his knee after what he said seemed like a century. 

It was only after that that he started resembling a normal, healthy, guy that is not about to vomit. 

So, anyway, I guess he kind of likes me. He put a ring on it.

Yuri the cat. A close second on my list of favorite cats.

This is me yelling at our dogs to stop fighting. 
It is my favorite picture of myself as a child. 
Such fire. 

This is me yelling at our dogs to stop fighting. 

It is my favorite picture of myself as a child. 

Such fire.